With a significant amount of rain in the forecast, we want to reassure parents that camper and staff safety is our top priority, and we will never take chances with the weather. Pine Cove trains resident and summer staff to recognize inclement weather situations and to adequately protect the lives of our campers and staff.

We are constantly monitoring the weather and use a great weather service that utilizes a team of meteorologists to notify us in the event inclement weather is approaching. We also have the ability to notify all Pine Cove staff of any need to take shelter, move to higher ground, or any other need that may arise.

At Pine Cove, we call rain “Liquid Sunshine!” The fun doesn’t need to stop just because we’ve moved indoors – we have special rainy day games and activities prepared. It’s the same Pine Cove fun and craziness as always, just inside! In fact, some campers that have been at Pine Cove during inclement weather have said that the rainy days spent indoors were some of their favorites!

If you’re traveling to pick up or drop off your camper this weekend, please check TXDOT for the most up-to-date road conditions along your travel route.

Rest assured, parents, your campers are well-taken care of. We want to make this week of camp your child’s favorite week of the year, regardless of the weather. Pine Cove is committed to keeping everyone safe, and should any severe weather come our way, we will post any pertinent updates to our Facebook page.