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How Camp Prepared Me for Life After College

I asked my friend Luke to make a guest post one week, and since Luke and I worked at Pine Cove Shores together I asked him to share how working at summer camp prepared him for life today. Another summer is fast approaching and whether you have just come off of your last summer or are gearing up for this upcoming one, I think Luke’s words are very applicable!   Bio: Luke “Wok N Wo” Friesen first became a Pine Cover as a camper at the Ranch in 1995 and 1998. He worked at the Shores during the summers of 2001–2004 […]

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C’s might get degrees, but D’s get you victory laps.

You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years. Or 6 and a summer in my case.  I finished my Bachelor’s of Science in Education in lightning fast speed.  Several contributing factors here, not the least of which was just that I didn’t like school and wasn’t very good at it.  Ironic that I studied to be a teacher? If you were to look at my transcripts, you’d see a pattern; my fall semesters had significantly lower GPA’s as I worked my way through college.  Maybe some of you are the same way.  Spring semester was spent […]

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And We Love It!

Though the words to the cheer are consistently allusive, even to the seasoned staff, there’s no question: Work Crew, we love it! It’s the week where you get to hang out with Mister Biz himself, and Hiyaty! This is when stacking chairs and arranging tables becomes an art form, and the beavers of the camp rejoice. Every day brings its own unique challenge of three separate clean-up skits, plus an abundance of counting to 7, 8, and 9. Being a counselor on work crew can be comparable to being a camper headed to mystery madness. Every assigned job is a […]

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