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Life Transformation On The Road

Two Women Praying

Editor’s Note: At Pine Cove we pray big prayers, and often the Lord reveals himself in the most unexpected way. Read this incredible story of what happened while we were on the road recruiting prospective summer staff this fall. One of my favorite parts of recruiting is getting to minister to college students. For some, this is more than just an interview; it could be a life-changing moment for them. Many students have never thought through the issues we ask them about and others have never been asked to explain the Gospel. Often the challenge that we give them at the end […]

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Donate Your “Stuff” to Send Kids to Camp


Did you know that your “stuff” can help minister to campers and spread the life-saving Truth of the Gospel? This “stuff” is not just old cell phones or lap tops sitting around; but, if you have valuable jewelry you never wear, maybe a golf cart, unused gift cards, or perhaps a cow (yes, even a cow or other livestock!), then you can help send a camper to Pine Cove whose life could be transformed by the love of Jesus! Pine Cove is thrilled to announce that we now have an online process on our website where you can select items […]

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The Bible Tells Me So

Open Bible

For a majority of Christian families, one of the first songs their children learn is Jesus Loves Me, and the wonderful news of this love is based on the words that follow: “for the Bible tells me so.” The truth is, our beliefs are built on what we find in Scripture, which is why critics so often attack the reliability of the Bible. The first recorded words of Satan show him questioning the truthfulness of God’s Word (“Did God really say…?”). So do we have the very words of God, as 1 Thessalonians 2:13 claims, or is the Bible simply […]

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Don’t Hit the Snooze Button On Life

Alarm Clock Snooze Button

I love the snooze button. I’ve been a snoozer since I was given the responsibility of setting my own alarm clock in the 5th grade. I’ve been known to set my alarm for two hours prior to the time I actually have to get up. Every nine minutes my hand can fly to that button so fast. Why disrupt my sleep? I like telling myself that it’s not time to wake up yet. I reward myself with broken sleep for the pure satisfaction of staying warm in bed. And why not? My bed is comfortable. There are no demands and […]

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Are You Living the Legacy You Want to Leave?

Father with Daughter

Have you ever noticed that we don’t really use the word “legacy” until someone is gone? Only then do we look back and reflect on what they’ve left behind. I did exactly that a year and a half ago when my grandfather died. In fact, when asked to lead his memorial service, I titled my mini-sermon “What Granddad Left Us,” and I tearfully shared many things I would always remember about Granddad – his funny stories, how he rode a horse to school when he was a boy, and even his role in WWII. But as I went deeper into […]

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Life Transformation Before My Very Eyes

Ranch Counselor with Camper

I was in my sophomore year of college at the University of Tennessee in early 2008, sitting at my little apartment desk. The past two summers I had gone to work for my parents, who had moved to Destin, Florida the week after I graduated high school. It was a great job, running errands around the coastal tourist town in slacks and a polo shirt, making decent money as an “administrative assistant” to local real estate agents. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again for a third summer. I was longing for more, for an adventure on […]

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Camper Share: God Loves You for You

Camper and Counselor Hangtime

Camper Share is one of our favorite times of the week. We love getting to hear about what the Lord is doing in the lives of our campers! Here are a few things that our campers have shared so far this summer: “After this week, God has changed my life and I want to follow Him now… I want to share in His Word and follow His commands. It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever had.” -Shores Camper “God taught me He will never love us anymore or any less.” -Ranch Camper “During this week I learned to surrender all parts of […]

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God’s Deep, Rich Love

Father/Son at Pine Cove Family Camp

Last week was a crazy week for my family and me. We had one of those weeks where the entire family was sick, but it all started with my youngest son Jet. He could not keep food down and ended up becoming critically dehydrated. My wife took him to the doctor and they told her to go directly to the ER. Now, it is hard to understand what I went through in those moments between my wife calling me to meet her in the ER, and when I actually arrived there unless you are a parent. I completely lost it […]

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Life Lessons from Mud Wrestling

Buffalo Hunt Game

There I stand, six inches deep in a giant pit of mud surrounded by 80 other 30 to 40-year-old men. At the instruction of a young man with a bull horn, we all get down on our hands and knees. Though it’s a warm spring day, the mud is cold. Many of the men have already smeared mud on their arms and chests. The man next to me is smearing a handful of mud into his unusually thick beard. Just then 100 elementary school-aged boys with their shirts off crest the hill led by an Indian Chieftain. The bull horn […]

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Bible Study Theme: Know

Staff Reading the Bible

If I were to ask you, “Who do you know?”, what people would you list? Would you talk about family, friends, or just mere acquaintances? As we go down our list, we begin to realize that there are different levels of knowing people. For some people, we just know their name and maybe a few facts about them. But others, like friends and family, we could talk to for hours because we know who they are. We could share their joys, sorrows, and even embarrassing moments. Why do we know these people better than others? The reason is that we […]

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