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Why We Use Camp Names

It is plain to see that Pine Cove has some pretty wacky traditions. What would camp be without the Spirit Stick, count-ems, Christmas in July, and theme nights? Allow me to answer: boring. But my personal favorite tradition, and one that is quite specific to Pine Cove, is our use of camp names. Having attended Pine Cove youth camps from elementary school to graduation, I have quite the list of counselor names associated with some of my sweetest memories. From “Sacagawendy” to “Tot Tonka” and “Surf and Turf,” these names have stuck in my mind for years. But it wasn’t […]

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Gettin’ Jiggsy With It

Most people have a ‘go-to.’ You might have a go-to movie, TV show, or even a book. But almost everybody has that thing that is a total comfort zone, something that you don’t mind repeating time after time. Every few years it seems like I pick up “The Hobbit” and give it another read. The truth is there is tons of transition and change in most of our lives. We long for stability and for the familiar. That is why family relationships are so impactful. Ultimately, we should be looking to the Lord for stability, but I’ll spare you the […]

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