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Express: Our New Half-Week Camp Program

We are so excited to introduce a brand-new experience at Pine Cove called Express! Express is a new half-week camp program designed to help transition campers into our overnight youth camps. This new program is a great opportunity for elementary-aged campers entering 2nd-5th grade that may not be ready for a full week away from home. Our desire is for campers of all ages and maturity to experience the life-changing fun and excitement at Pine Cove. In the summer, Pine Cove ministers to kids and parents through three family camps, six overnight youth camps, an on-site day camp (Castle Rock), […]

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Life Lessons from Mud Wrestling

There I stand, six inches deep in a giant pit of mud surrounded by 80 other 30 to 40-year-old men. At the instruction of a young man with a bull horn, we all get down on our hands and knees. Though it’s a warm spring day, the mud is cold. Many of the men have already smeared mud on their arms and chests. The man next to me is smearing a handful of mud into his unusually thick beard. Just then 100 elementary school-aged boys with their shirts off crest the hill led by an Indian Chieftain. The bull horn […]

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Hunting Buffalo

The Towers without Buffalo Hunt is like corn dogs without macaroni and cheese. It just doesn’t make sense! Every week, campers and staff alike count down the days until the theme night of all theme nights: Buffalo Hunt. Occasionally, during a simplified explanation of the planned evening, any first-timer to the game will feel a bit anxious. A mud pit? Rubber bands on my wrists? All 270 campers coming at me at once? Potentially chanting my name? And yes, we were not exaggerating about the mud. You will be covered. My favorite part of the highlight video at closing celebration […]

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Lessons Learned

Towers campers are silly. They say funny things, and sometimes it can be hard to tell if they are even listening to the serious stuff. After all, the question “when’s free time?!” comes up at least 5 times a day (per camper), and no matter how many times we answer, it still seems to be a mystery. During club talks, it’s a fight to get them to sit through a talk without leaving for the bathroom. In the 5th grade girls Q&A session, they pull out random questions that seem to be totally irrelevant. Except, they are listening. Always. More […]

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