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Top 8 Questions We Get About Youth Camp

Camper Arriving at Pine Cove

Here in the Pine Cove registration department, we love talking about camp! We thought it might be helpful to gather up the most common questions and list them here for you while you’re preparing your camper for summer! 1. What time do I drop off/pick up my camper? Each youth camp has unique drop-off and pick-up times. Please do not drop off your camper before the designated time. Be sure and plan to come to the Closing Celebrations to get a taste of what your camper has been doing all week! The Celebration includes singing, camper awards, a video presentation […]

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Theme Night Costume Tips and Tricks

Camper Theme Night Costume

Theme nights are one of the best parts of a week at Pine Cove. What makes theme nights so fun? It’s not just the epic games, competitions, or hilarious videos. It’s getting to dress up in a cool costume! We just released our theme nights for 2014, and since October is a month where many people are already thinking about costumes, we thought we would post some guidelines for how to have the best summer theme night costumes. Fit the costume to the theme night The main consideration with your costume must be the kind of theme night that you […]

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Outback Theme Night Costume Ideas

Campers Having Fun in Costumes

Possible questions that have crossed your mind when thinking about Theme Nights: 1. “What in the world is a ‘Twistery Mystery’ and how do you dress up for that? 2. “Where do you go to get ninja gear? And…is it going to be dangerous….? ☺ 3. “How can I get the PERFECT costume that my son/daughter will actually wear?” These questions, and I’m sure many more, have crossed all our minds when searching for the perfect gear for Pine Cove Outback’s Summer Theme Nights. As funny as some of these sound, the truth is the question still remains, “What do […]

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Shores Theme Night Costume Ideas

Shores Costume Girls

  Sunday – America’s Pastime Blast Time During this theme night we are going to be out and about. We will be playing baseball themed station games along with a little Home Run Derby. Make sure you wear clothes that you can run around in, because we will definitely be sweating for this theme night! There are a lot of places where you can find cheap baseball hats anywhere from $5-$20. You could go to any Goodwill or Salvation Army to find some sort of jersey as well. Monday – Surfin’ Safari Our Surfin’ Safari night will consist of one […]

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Dock Rock: A Camp Tradition

Girls on Banana Boat

“The Dock stinkin’ rocks my socks off!!!” Of all of the camp cheers and sayings we have here at the Shores, this has to be in my top five favorites! “The Dock stinkin’ rocks my socks off”! I didn’t know that someone could be able to put into words how I feel about this awesome Shores tradition in just seven simple words, but someone did. And whoever that someone is… I thank you! Dock Rock is held every Thursday night at the Shores on beautiful Lake Palestine. It all begins with a “fly by” by our awesome boat drivers. It […]

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Hunting Buffalo


The Towers without Buffalo Hunt is like corn dogs without macaroni and cheese. It just doesn’t make sense! Every week, campers and staff alike count down the days until the theme night of all theme nights: Buffalo Hunt. Occasionally, during a simplified explanation of the planned evening, any first-timer to the game will feel a bit anxious. A mud pit? Rubber bands on my wrists? All 270 campers coming at me at once? Potentially chanting my name? And yes, we were not exaggerating about the mud. You will be covered. My favorite part of the highlight video at closing celebration […]

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The Sixth Week


Week 6 is almost at its end today, and it has flown! To catch up from last week, let’s review: Remember last week when we had one epic adventure after another? First, we created a coalition of work crew members assigned the daunting task of painting the whole entire Rock, and they had to endure crazy-long hours of super tall ladders and confused comments about that white-ish color. At least there were plenty of quiet moments to be had… Then the lunch skit all week was a full-on musical, starring some of our most talented staffers, with the entire 30-person […]

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Having Fun Is My Job

Towers Opening Day

This is a guest post by on of our summer staff, “Thunder Showers”. It has been an exciting start to camp for the 2012 summer! Week 1 was probably the most eventful first week of camp that I have seen in the four years that I have been working at camp. As we opened the gate for Week 1, there were nerves paired with excitement in all of us – which resulted in an ecstatic staff! [Opening day is one of my favorite days of camp simply because we get to jump in the gauntlet and display a small picture […]

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