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How Should Summer Staff Pack for Camp?

In preparation for my first summer working at Pine Cove, I had absolutely no idea how much I needed to pack or what I needed to pack. They sent out a packing list and list of theme nights, but even then it was hard to figure out how much I should bring of each item and how I should pack it all. I had some great friends who had worked at Pine Cove before and directed me in the best way to pack for a half or a full summer at camp. There are four basics that I would like […]

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You’ve seen it on the T-shirts, on the facebook graphics, even on the website. When I first noticed our “APPLY” theme, I was a little bit confused. Shouldn’t those shirts say more about Pine Cove? Don’t we want to promote actually working at the towers/timbers/shores/outback/ranch/silverado/base camps/camp in the city… It really is a lot of staffers. What if they don’t get it? I love recruiting for Pine Cove for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because of this very philosophy:  We are about encouraging college students to apply their faith this summer. We are about the gospel. […]

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Soldier Dad Surprises Family at Camp

The Set Up A few weeks ago we carried out a top secret mission. A family was here and for the first time in eight years without their dad. This happens often when you have a dad who is in the military. The week was going well and the family felt loved and taken care of but there was a void. Dad was not there to take the kids to the pool or encourage them off the zip line. Mom didn’t have her normal picnic date on Tuesday night. There was still loving and energetic staff there to help come […]

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Having Fun Is My Job

This is a guest post by on of our summer staff, “Thunder Showers”. It has been an exciting start to camp for the 2012 summer! Week 1 was probably the most eventful first week of camp that I have seen in the four years that I have been working at camp. As we opened the gate for Week 1, there were nerves paired with excitement in all of us – which resulted in an ecstatic staff! [Opening day is one of my favorite days of camp simply because we get to jump in the gauntlet and display a small picture […]

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Last minute packing advice

Well everyone, summer is right around the corner and that means a few things: the temperature is getting warmer, exams are quickly approaching (or completely done!), and in only a few short days you will be heading down to Pine Cove to begin summer 2012!  You’ve already received all the information about job description, packing lists, etc. However there are a few items that might not make the official packing list, but can be very beneficial to you as you prep and pack for this summer.  So without further ado, here are the top five things you wouldn’t think you’d […]

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