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Staff Feature: Jenny “Whistle Toe” Sowers

Jenny “Whistle Toe” Sowers graduated from the University of Oklahoma (OU) in 2008 with a degree in language arts education. She served as a summer staffer at the Ranch, and then transitioned into working in registration, and finally came to the Woods in 2012 as the Women’s Director. Whistle Toe guides the girls staff at the Woods and enjoys commentating the game Turkish Delight every Friday night during the summer. What did you want to be when you grew up? Once upon a time, I thought I would be a teacher. That quickly changed when I did student teaching, and […]

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Pine Cove Prays

Over the last several years, the resident staff of Pine Cove have been pursuing the idea that God is deeply engaged with His people that pray. He desires a deep and personal relationship with his children. An active prayer life is one of the ways that we can enjoy him more fully. He has taught us how to pray through the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:9 “This then is how you should pray; Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” In Hebrews 7:24-25, we see Jesus mediating on our behalf always, and then we are reminded […]

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Pine Cove Staff Retreat

From the first moment our vans passed the sign to the Outback camp to the moment our Tyler staff headed back home, Pine Cove’s staff retreat was an uproariously good time. After months of planning, our staff needs team was excited to finally get to enjoy three days of fun, food, and renewal with the rest of our staff. Stomachs were sore from laughing at “Boddy” and “Gerald” as Andrew Boshell and Jake Collins hosted the retreat with unbelievable humor and skill. No one wears stilts and extra-long gym pants quite like Andrew as he mimicked Jared Schuler’s hosting from […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Here at Pine Cove, our full-time staff works really hard to provide the best camp experience for those that are on our property every week. But sometimes it’s good for us to get out the office and have a good time being in community with each other! With so many different working parts in our organization, it’s hard to spend time with everyone that is a part of this ministry. So we thought, “What’s the most fun thing we could do on a mid-week morning with the entire Pine Cove staff?” And naturally, our response was, “Bowling!!” Now this wasn’t […]

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