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Camp In OUR City

Camp in the City Counselor with Campers

Editor’s Note: This following post was written by Rebecca Ross, Children’s Pastor of North Metro Church in Marietta, Georgia, where our Camp in the City team set up camp for Week 3. East of the Mississippi River, Marietta, Georgia is a suburb of the city of Atlanta. It was here that we first experienced the arrival of a Pine Cove trailer and a rock climbing wall. It was love at first sight. 32 college students unloaded onto the campus of North Metro Church to leave the handprint of God on the lives of host families and campers. They sprawled out about the campus […]

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Camp in the City at Fellowship of the Parks

Fellowship of the Parks Church

In 2010, Pine Cove started a traveling day camp that partnered with churches to bring a high-energy program to neighborhoods across the South. One of Base Camp’s (now Camp in the City) original partners was Fellowship of the Parks in Keller, Texas. We began our partnership with FOTP because their mission aligns directly with the mission of Pine Cove. We sought out churches that are passionate about the gospel of Jesus being proclaimed in their church and in the community. The Lord has blessed FOTP with a staff that believes in that mission and He strategically placed them in a […]

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A Weekend Just for Moms


What is it about Pine Cove? Something happens when you drive through the gates. You enter a new and unique world where peace reins, praise erupts and people meeting up with God is a priority. Sounds a bit like heaven. Interestingly, for our family, that is exactly how we see Pine Cove – the closest thing to heaven, this side of heaven. Long after our week of family camp has ended we comb through photos, remember moments of revelry and reflection and even shout out a cheer or two at the obvious appropriate moments. (If you’ve been there I know […]

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Camp in the City at Mobberly Baptist


Pine Cove has the unique opportunity to partner with local churches through our day camp program called Camp in the City. Not only do we travel to 7 states, but we also have locations in close proximity to our headquarters in East Texas. One the churches we are privileged to do ministry with is Mobberly Baptist Church, located just east of Tyler in Longview, Texas. At Mobberly, the basis for service is founded on proclaiming Jesus Christ and making Him known. This mission is the groundwork for the outreach they do to declare the Glory of God to their community and across […]

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Identifying Your Legacy

Family Silhouette by Water

What would you say if I asked you to identify your magnum opus? Would you point somewhere between your inferior vena cava and your superior colliculus? Of course, a magnum opus is not an anatomical term. It simply means “great work” in Latin. An artist’s magnum opus may be their most valuable piece of art. An athlete’s magnum opus could be their greatest season. For a musician, it could be a great symphony. The truth is, all of us should aspire to create a magnum opus that becomes part of our legacy. The problem for many of us is identifying […]

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Commission Camping: Life Moments from the Field

Pine Cove in Costa Rica

With 180 Pine Cove staff members serving the Lord at camps throughout Latin America, there is no shortage of awesome stories to share! Thankfully we are able to keep up with all of these mission trips on each of their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here is just a taste of some of the fun and life-change that is going on across eight different countries right now! Ranch Gautemala “Our program director, Sergio, talked to me at dinner about the kids going to bed early. He thought they seemed tired and would need the extra sleep. I told […]

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Camper Story: Receiving Your Spouse

Catching a football

At family camp, adults get to enjoy teaching on parenting, marriage, and the Christian life by excellent Christian speakers. One week, our speaker shared the concept of leaving your mother and father, cleaving to your spouse, and receiving them as a gift from God. The speaker shared the “power” of accepting this realization and the commitment to your spouse that is acknowledged by receiving them. At the end of this session, the speaker had all of the couples stand and go through a “receiving” ceremony. He used the example of catching a football. Follow the ball in, catch it, pull it […]

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Why Two-Week Camping?

A Counselor and Camper by the Lake

Here at Pine Cove, we have done one-week camping for as long as I can remember. It has become our standard to have campers arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday. One week is a good amount of time to have fun, connect with a counselor and cabin mates, and most importantly, learn more about the Bible and God’s love. But a few years ago, we started wondering what it would be like to allow campers to come for two weeks (13 days). We started this program at the Shores, the 10th-12th grade camp which I have the privilege to […]

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Soldier Dad Surprises Family at Camp

Military Father Surprises Family

The Set Up A few weeks ago we carried out a top secret mission. A family was here and for the first time in eight years without their dad. This happens often when you have a dad who is in the military. The week was going well and the family felt loved and taken care of but there was a void. Dad was not there to take the kids to the pool or encourage them off the zip line. Mom didn’t have her normal picnic date on Tuesday night. There was still loving and energetic staff there to help come […]

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