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Life Transformation On The Road

Two Women Praying

Editor’s Note: At Pine Cove we pray big prayers, and often the Lord reveals himself in the most unexpected way. Read this incredible story of what happened while we were on the road recruiting prospective summer staff this fall. One of my favorite parts of recruiting is getting to minister to college students. For some, this is more than just an interview; it could be a life-changing moment for them. Many students have never thought through the issues we ask them about and others have never been asked to explain the Gospel. Often the challenge that we give them at the end […]

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Rollin’ to T-Town

Pine Cove Staff at TCBY

The tide wasn’t the only thing rolling last weekend! Our crew rolled into Alabama Friday night to start preparing for a Saturday full of tailgating time with staff. Reunions happened, chili was eaten, and spike ball tournaments were played! Staff came from far and wide, but it seems that the Silverado staff had the biggest showing. After eating some infamous Mugshots burgers on Sunday afternoon, we left Title Town and headed to Birmingham. Because Sunday is a day of rest, we decided to do so by enjoying some healthy competition with a game of Nertz in the hotel lobby. This […]

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To Northern Louisiana, Arkansas, and Back

Recruiting in Louisiana

#itsfallyall. Which means the recruiting continues! I got to be a part of the team that traveled to Northern Louisiana. We interviewed at ULM, LA College, LA Tech and ended in University of Arkansas –Monticello. When thinking back on the trip, “loaves and fish” is what I believe best describes it. Let me explain. On the final morning of our trip, Shawn shared in our meeting how God had multiplied our efforts. He took what we brought and gave us over and beyond anything we expected just as He did when Jesus and His disciples fed the five thousand with […]

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Recruiting in the Volunteer State

Tennessee Recruiting Team

Greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee! I went with these five hilarious friends to recruit in the Volunteer state: As an Oklahoma native, it’s been great to see what the Southeast is all about. And what can I tell you that I’ve learned? The Southeast REALLY is as pretty as everyone says it is. Cue pretty scenery. Part of what I love about recruiting is that we get to see and do a lot of fun things. When we arrived to Knoxville on Saturday, we got to go to what became an epic matchup between Tennessee and Georgia. What a nail-biter it […]

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A&M Recruiting: Whoop, Gig ‘Em, & Hullabaloo!

Pine Cove at A&M

Our first big recruiting trip of the year has come and gone, and what better way to kick off our recruiting season than with the biggest tailgate in Spence Park for the Aggie game against SMU?! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “When it rains, it pours.” Well, let’s just say we got to experience both the literal and figurative meaning of that infamous saying during our time at A&M. Just see for yourself… A little (more like a LOT of) rain did not stop us from claiming our tailgate spot Friday morning. There was no denying Pine Cove’s presence […]

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On the Road in Arkansas

Spikeball Players Jumping

With summer wrapped up and fall beginning to find its rhythm, it can only mean one thing: recruiting season is upon us! This week, our team is recruiting throughout the great state of Arkansas. Cue excitement for fall weather, rolling hills, and leaves beginning to change color. We kicked off the week with an inaugural spikeball tournament in Wilson Park! The competition was stiff; we had seasoned players and new inductees into the sport battling for a brand new spikeball set. After a double elimination bracket and some tough rounds, we finally awarded not one but FOUR spikeball sets to […]

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You’ve seen it on the T-shirts, on the facebook graphics, even on the website. When I first noticed our “APPLY” theme, I was a little bit confused. Shouldn’t those shirts say more about Pine Cove? Don’t we want to promote actually working at the towers/timbers/shores/outback/ranch/silverado/base camps/camp in the city… It really is a lot of staffers. What if they don’t get it? I love recruiting for Pine Cove for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because of this very philosophy:  We are about encouraging college students to apply their faith this summer. We are about the gospel. […]

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