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Bible Study Theme: Blueprint

Ranch Girl Quiet Time

A blueprint is an outline or plan of action. Most of the time, it is used as the starting point for building a house. Before you ever grab a shovel or a bulldozer or whatever else you use to start building a house, you need a plan. Without a plan, even the most skilled construction team will fail. The blueprint guides them. It reminds them of their foundation and shows them what to do next. It gives them a vision for the finished product. In the Christian life, we are not without a blueprint. God has given us a foundation […]

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Ranch Renovation: We Made it!

Ranch Cabins with girl campers jumping (2)

It’s a time for celebration! Through God’s faithfulness and the generous donations of so many, we made it! We exceeded the minimum requirement of $1,940,000 in gifts and pledges raised, and the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation has given Pine Cove $485,000 for the Ranch project, and we plan to have 18 new cabins ready for campers this May 2014! The remaining 18 cabins, dining hall, and gym renovations will be completed by summer 2015! How did we get here? In 2011, after 44 years of ministry, Pine Cove served its 1 millionth camper. We anticipate our 2 millionth camper […]

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Gingerbread Houses: Guys Versus Girls

Boys Gingerbread House

Winterfest was a blast! Maybe by now all of our campers have finally caught up on rest, because they were having so much fun over the weekend! There are several highlights that we could talk about, but let’s be honest: we know everyone just wants to know about the the Ranch Gingerbread Launch. We’ve known that guys and girls are different for a long time. But this year at the Ranch for Winterfest, the differences became even more clear. It became obvious early on that each gender was going to take a much different approach in construction, even with the […]

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Life Transformation Before My Very Eyes

Ranch Counselor with Camper

I was in my sophomore year of college at the University of Tennessee in early 2008, sitting at my little apartment desk. The past two summers I had gone to work for my parents, who had moved to Destin, Florida the week after I graduated high school. It was a great job, running errands around the coastal tourist town in slacks and a polo shirt, making decent money as an “administrative assistant” to local real estate agents. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again for a third summer. I was longing for more, for an adventure on […]

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Gettin’ Jiggsy With It

Jiggs and Jon Davidson

Most people have a ‘go-to.’ You might have a go-to movie, TV show, or even a book. But almost everybody has that thing that is a total comfort zone, something that you don’t mind repeating time after time. Every few years it seems like I pick up “The Hobbit” and give it another read. The truth is there is tons of transition and change in most of our lives. We long for stability and for the familiar. That is why family relationships are so impactful. Ultimately, we should be looking to the Lord for stability, but I’ll spare you the […]

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Pro-Wakeboarders at Pine Cove

Shaun Murray Wakeboarding for Campers

Campers at the Ranch and Timbers experienced a thrill when professional wakeboarders Shaun Murray and Emily Copeland-Durham performed tricks and stunts on Pine Cove’s new wake park on Lake Lackawanna Monday afternoon. The Ranch’s own Jiggs Gaffney kicked off the festivities by singing the national anthem before Emily and Shaun got out on the water and showed off their wakeboarding skills! What did our campers and staff think of Shaun and Emily’s performance on Lake Lackawanna? “On a scale of 1 to 10? FIFTY.” -Bat Awesome “Epic!” -Reed “It was cool. I wish I could see it again!” -Emanie “They’re good […]

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Wakeboarding Without a Boat

Kid Riding Wake Park

True or false. 1. Wakeboarding is awesome… TRUE. 2. If you don’t have a boat to pull you, then you are out of luck… FALSE! Last summer, we installed our very own Wake Park at Pine Cove, shared between campers at Crier Creek and Outback, and it was a huge hit! Campers can grab a lifejacket, buckle into a wakeboard, grab the rope and GO, sailing across the water attempting 360’s and frontside rolls or just enjoying the ride. HOW does it work, you ask? Campers are pulled along by a cable system that is run between two poles, allowing […]

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The Temperature Is Rising


This is a guest post by one of our summer staff, “Thunder Showers”. So, it is week 7 here at the Ranch and things are going great! The sun has been out all week and the kids are loving each activity class and theme night. We have a lot of counselors who have had their first cabin at the Ranch this week. And let me tell you, they have done a great job! When we say that our staff is our program, we mean it. The counselors and program staff have kept the energy high, they have made each activity […]

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