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Packing For Family Camp

Family at Summer Camp

Editor’s Note: The following post was written by Olivia Engstrom, a longtime Pine Cove Bluffs family camper. She has some great tips on packing for camp that we think will be very helpful for anyone heading to family camp this summer! So you’re going to family camp! Lucky you. This is our family’s favorite time of the year. Whenever someone asks our kids what they are doing for the summer, they always respond with an exuberant, “PINE COVE!” This will be our fifth summer at the Bluffs, and every year we are blessed by the staff, the memories, and the […]

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7 Secrets of Packing for Camp

Packing for Camp

Editor’s Note: The following post was written by Leann Strnadel, Pine Cove camper and counselor mom. She has some great tips on packing for camp that we think will be very helpful for anyone heading to camp this summer! There is always a lot of excitement when getting ready to attend Summer Camp! My two children have been going to Pine Cove since day camp, and now I have a son at the Shores and a daughter who will be spending her second summer as a counselor at the Timbers. I was a camper myself, and I remember one thing […]

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Top 8 Questions We Get About Youth Camp

Camper Arriving at Pine Cove

Here in the Pine Cove registration department, we love talking about camp! We thought it might be helpful to gather up the most common questions and list them here for you while you’re preparing your camper for summer! 1. What time do I drop off/pick up my camper? Each youth camp has unique drop-off and pick-up times. Please do not drop off your camper before the designated time. Be sure and plan to come to the Closing Celebrations to get a taste of what your camper has been doing all week! The Celebration includes singing, camper awards, a video presentation […]

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Theme Night Costume Tips and Tricks

Camper Theme Night Costume

Theme nights are one of the best parts of a week at Pine Cove. What makes theme nights so fun? It’s not just the epic games, competitions, or hilarious videos. It’s getting to dress up in a cool costume! We just released our theme nights for 2014, and since October is a month where many people are already thinking about costumes, we thought we would post some guidelines for how to have the best summer theme night costumes. Fit the costume to the theme night The main consideration with your costume must be the kind of theme night that you […]

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Outback Theme Night Costume Ideas

Campers Having Fun in Costumes

Possible questions that have crossed your mind when thinking about Theme Nights: 1. “What in the world is a ‘Twistery Mystery’ and how do you dress up for that? 2. “Where do you go to get ninja gear? And…is it going to be dangerous….? ☺ 3. “How can I get the PERFECT costume that my son/daughter will actually wear?” These questions, and I’m sure many more, have crossed all our minds when searching for the perfect gear for Pine Cove Outback’s Summer Theme Nights. As funny as some of these sound, the truth is the question still remains, “What do […]

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How Should Summer Staff Pack for Camp?

Counselors in Costume for a Theme Night

In preparation for my first summer working at Pine Cove, I had absolutely no idea how much I needed to pack or what I needed to pack. They sent out a packing list and list of theme nights, but even then it was hard to figure out how much I should bring of each item and how I should pack it all. I had some great friends who had worked at Pine Cove before and directed me in the best way to pack for a half or a full summer at camp. There are four basics that I would like […]

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Last minute packing advice

Well everyone, summer is right around the corner and that means a few things: the temperature is getting warmer, exams are quickly approaching (or completely done!), and in only a few short days you will be heading down to Pine Cove to begin summer 2012!  You’ve already received all the information about job description, packing lists, etc. However there are a few items that might not make the official packing list, but can be very beneficial to you as you prep and pack for this summer.  So without further ado, here are the top five things you wouldn’t think you’d […]

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