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The Most Glorious of All Lands

Forge Students in Israel

“On that day I swore to them that I would bring them out of the land of Egypt into a land that I had searched out for them, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most glorious of all lands.” Ezekiel 20:6 For the past seven months, the Forge Class of 2014 has been studying the history and geography of the nation of Israel. This past March the lessons became sight when we traveled to Israel for a 12-day in-depth study tour. Alongside friends and family who joined us for the adventure, our group trekked through the land of […]

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Forge Trip: Dominican Republic


Last week, my fellow Forge students and I took a 9-day adventure to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. The Forge is Pine Cove’s resident discipleship program. There we joined alongside a ministry called Students International (SI) to assist local missionaries at various sites that included microfinance, social work, community health, dentistry, education, special education, sports, and physical therapy. After a long day of travel on Friday, we kicked off our week in the DR with a day of tourism. What better way to experience the beauty of La Republica Dominicana than with a rafting trip! 27 of the 29 members of the group took off for […]

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Commission Camping: Life Moments from the Field

Pine Cove in Costa Rica

With 180 Pine Cove staff members serving the Lord at camps throughout Latin America, there is no shortage of awesome stories to share! Thankfully we are able to keep up with all of these mission trips on each of their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here is just a taste of some of the fun and life-change that is going on across eight different countries right now! Ranch Gautemala “Our program director, Sergio, talked to me at dinner about the kids going to bed early. He thought they seemed tired and would need the extra sleep. I told […]

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Pine Cove in Latin America

Pine Cove Counselor in Latin America

I always thought that NOTHING could compare to getting to do camp with my friends and campers in Texas. But that’s where Commission Camping comes in! Commission Camping is a program that enables Pine Cove staff, both full-time and summer staff, to partner with Christian Camping International (CCI) to teach people in Latin America how to do camp. We have been partner with our friends in Latin America for the past 10 years. What I have grown to love about Commission Camping is that we get to work with believers in several different countries. As we bring our staff down […]

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Universal God

Camper and Counselor Talking

We had the privilege of having a foreign exchange student as a camper at the Timbers during week 3! She is from Mexico and has been in the U.S. (Houston) for six months and will be returning back to Mexico on Monday. She and her counselor talked about her family life and how it has been a blessing to come to America because she used to be popular and a bully at her school in Mexico, but when she got here, she knew no one and she found herself on the other side of bullying. She told her counselor that […]

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Commission Camping: Lessons Learned

Pine Cove Missions Team in Peru

As some of you may or may not know, each year Pine Cove has the incredible opportunity to send out hundreds of our staffers to Latin America. We are able to partner with CCI, or Christian Camping International, to put on Campamentos de Impacto, or “Impact Camps”. It is an awesome time of training Latin American leaders in camp, building cross-cultural relationships, and working together for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ with youth campers. You can read more about commission camping here. I have had the privilege of going to Peru with Pine Cove the last three […]

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The Ranch Melting Pot


This is a guest post by one of our summer staff, “Thunder Showers”. You know you’re at camp when you wake up and the first thing you see is Jiggs walking down and getting ready for flag. You know you’re at camp when there is one cabin chanting “Luna Moth Club buzz buzz buzz buzz”, another one running around with Ponchos on, and another one having a pillow fight all at the flag pole. Yes, you are at camp. Week 6 has gotten off to a great start and has definitely turned out to be one of the coolest and […]

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