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Camp in the City: Day Camp in Your Neighborhood!

Seven years ago when we started Camp in the City, we never would have imagined taking camp to 100 different locations all over the South. We have the coolest jobs ever! We get to partner with the best churches while providing an awesome camp experience for them and the people in their communities. Nearly 450 college summer staff will join us as we hit the road in May who are pumped to share the love of Jesus with 1st through 6th graders across nine states. Along the way, our staff will also get the incredible opportunity of staying with families at […]

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Rainy Day Camp Fun

You might be thinking to yourself, “Self… What does one do when it rains at camp?!” Well moms, dads, and anyone wondering, there is a variety of answers to that question and our very own Pine Cove Timbers has done an incredible job of finding that out for us! For example, Monday of Week 2 there was a pretty crazy rain storm, but we didn’t just stay inside and have an all-day F.O.B. (Flat On Back). NO! After a lot of improvisation and fun-filled brainstorming, we created an activity called “Timbers Got Talent.” This consisted of: Step 1: Brainstorming Each […]

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Celebrate Pine Cove Day at Home

For most of you, this week is Spring Break. You might be thinking to yourself, “Self, with the kids out of school, what are we going to do?” That’s such a great question! And we’ve already answered it for you. Bring a day of Pine Cove home with you! If you haven’t figured out your plans for the week, take a look at some suggestions below to make your Spring Break INCREDIBLE! (We love it!) Activities You can’t have a day of Pine Cove without some awesome activities! Treat the day like camp: no television, video games, cell phones, etc. […]

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Camp is God’s Idea

When I was a kid, I went to as many church retreats and weekend camps as I could. I would jump at the opportunity to spend time with my friends away from home, hang out with the older guys who lead our group, and play sports and games with kids my age. It was a blast. But the more church weekend retreats I went on, the more I realized that they aren’t just for hanging out with friends and playing big youth group games where I might win a prize or something. The more times I went go throughout my […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Here at Pine Cove, our full-time staff works really hard to provide the best camp experience for those that are on our property every week. But sometimes it’s good for us to get out the office and have a good time being in community with each other! With so many different working parts in our organization, it’s hard to spend time with everyone that is a part of this ministry. So we thought, “What’s the most fun thing we could do on a mid-week morning with the entire Pine Cove staff?” And naturally, our response was, “Bowling!!” Now this wasn’t […]

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