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Opening 2017: Chimney Point in South Carolina!

Chimney Point Lake Hartwell

I remember when I came to work at Pine Cove for the first time in 2002. My life was absolutely transformed by being on staff and I am thankful to still be able to serve here. I even met my wife, Brooke, while working at the Shores camp in 2004. Thirteen years later, I am excited to share that Pine Cove’s first national expansion camp, Chimney Point will open in 2017 in what will be our 50th summer! This 120-acre former lakeside dairy farm with picturesque pastures and meadows is located on the popular destination lake, Lake Hartwell, right along […]

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Packing For Family Camp

Family at Summer Camp

Editor’s Note: The following post was written by Olivia Engstrom, a longtime Pine Cove Bluffs family camper. She has some great tips on packing for camp that we think will be very helpful for anyone heading to family camp this summer! So you’re going to family camp! Lucky you. This is our family’s favorite time of the year. Whenever someone asks our kids what they are doing for the summer, they always respond with an exuberant, “PINE COVE!” This will be our fifth summer at the Bluffs, and every year we are blessed by the staff, the memories, and the […]

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Top 8 Questions We Get About Family Camp

Family Hugging at Camp

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting excited about family camp this summer! The registration department is already preparing for you! For those who are getting a jumpstart, like us, on organizing your summer plans or planning your best theme night attire, we thought we’d put together a list of common questions regarding family camp. 1. What are the differences between the three family camps? The biggest difference between the three family camps is the location. The Bluffs and Woods are in Tyler, Texas and Crier Creek is located in Columbus, Texas. We have the same great staff and […]

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Camper Story: Celebrating Salvation

Cheering at Family Camp

Opening days at Pine Cove are filled with festivities. As families are driving into camp, the college staff are cheering and jumping, welcoming the arriving campers to camp for another exciting week. No matter the circumstance, the enthusiastic staff can put a smile on the most skeptical face. This particular week at the Bluffs Family Camp, a mom shared with our staff Sunday night that her husband was tied up at work, so he would not be attending Family Camp with her and the kids. As the week progressed, the mom and her kids were having a blast. They were […]

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Camper Story: Receiving Your Spouse

Catching a football

At family camp, adults get to enjoy teaching on parenting, marriage, and the Christian life by excellent Christian speakers. One week, our speaker shared the concept of leaving your mother and father, cleaving to your spouse, and receiving them as a gift from God. The speaker shared the “power” of accepting this realization and the commitment to your spouse that is acknowledged by receiving them. At the end of this session, the speaker had all of the couples stand and go through a “receiving” ceremony. He used the example of catching a football. Follow the ball in, catch it, pull it […]

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Get To, Not Have To

Camp Lagoon with Slide

Throughout the year, we receive numerous phone calls, emails, and letters from campers expressing their life transformation while at camp. These are just too good to keep to ourselves! Check out this mom’s story and how one of our counselors helped her re-focus on serving her family. When I got married, I had a very “Norman Rockwell” idea of what my life and family were going to look like. You know, all seated around a table in a very “Southern Living”-looking home. Children in cute outfits, delicious looking food on the table, an adoring husband smiling as he prayed over […]

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Are You Living the Legacy You Want to Leave?

Father with Daughter

Have you ever noticed that we don’t really use the word “legacy” until someone is gone? Only then do we look back and reflect on what they’ve left behind. I did exactly that a year and a half ago when my grandfather died. In fact, when asked to lead his memorial service, I titled my mini-sermon “What Granddad Left Us,” and I tearfully shared many things I would always remember about Granddad – his funny stories, how he rode a horse to school when he was a boy, and even his role in WWII. But as I went deeper into […]

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Redeemed at Family Camp

Baptism at Pine Cove Camp Pool

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 Arriving after a long journey from their home in Pennsylvania, they drove through the Pine Cove Woods Family Camp entrance where she witnessed enthusiastic counselors jumping up and down and waving at her with a joyful fervor she had never experienced before. She was caught off-guard, to say the least. Caitlin, a teenage girl and pastor’s daughter from a loving family of four, emerged from the car donning a black skull and cross bones t-shirt—not your usual Pine […]

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Soldier Dad Surprises Family at Camp

Military Father Surprises Family

The Set Up A few weeks ago we carried out a top secret mission. A family was here and for the first time in eight years without their dad. This happens often when you have a dad who is in the military. The week was going well and the family felt loved and taken care of but there was a void. Dad was not there to take the kids to the pool or encourage them off the zip line. Mom didn’t have her normal picnic date on Tuesday night. There was still loving and energetic staff there to help come […]

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