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Camp In OUR City

Editor’s Note: This following post was written by Rebecca Ross, Children’s Pastor of North Metro Church in Marietta, Georgia, where our Camp in the City team set up camp for Week 3. East of the Mississippi River, Marietta, Georgia is a suburb of the city of Atlanta. It was here that we first experienced the arrival of a Pine Cove trailer and a rock climbing wall. It was love at first sight. 32 college students unloaded onto the campus of North Metro Church to leave the handprint of God on the lives of host families and campers. They sprawled out about the campus […]

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Camp in the City at Mobberly Baptist

Pine Cove has the unique opportunity to partner with local churches through our day camp program called Camp in the City. Not only do we travel to 7 states, but we also have locations in close proximity to our headquarters in East Texas. One the churches we are privileged to do ministry with is Mobberly Baptist Church, located just east of Tyler in Longview, Texas. At Mobberly, the basis for service is founded on proclaiming Jesus Christ and making Him known. This mission is the groundwork for the outreach they do to declare the Glory of God to their community and across […]

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7 Ways to Prepare for Sunday

If you’re like me, Sunday mornings can often feel hectic and anything but restful or even spiritual. As you’re thinking through changes for the New Year, I’d like to suggest some ways to help your hearing of God’s Word be more effective and to even make your Sundays less stressful. Why Prepare? Matthew 13 records the Parable of the Sower, where Jesus illustrated God’s Word as seed landing on different soils, each representing a person’s heart and with four different outcomes. His point was that the result of hearing God’s Word always depends on the condition of the hearer’s heart. […]

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Camp in the City at WoodsEdge

Camp in the City is Pine Cove’s traveling day camp that currently partners with 68 churches in seven states. One of those churches is WoodsEdge Community Church based in Spring, Texas, just outside of The Woodlands. This partnership arose from the fact that the mission of WoodsEdge is aligned with our mission: to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory. In June of this past summer, we brought 32 of our incredible summer staffers to run a high-energy day camp for 2nd-5th grade for kids in the community. We used this […]

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Our Facilities Are Our Program

If you have been around Pine Cove for any amount of time, you have already corrected the mistake in the title of this post.  You have heard Opee say countless times, Our staff is our program. If you are new to staff this summer, you will soon understand the expectation we have for our staff is high, because we know that staff make or break our program.  I have seen summer staff make sitting on a picnic table in the rain fun! Part of my job with Base Camp is to talk to churches about partnering with us.  This often […]

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