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The Gospel Cheer

At Pine Cove, we have a cheer for nearly everything: Bible study, lunch, free time, sitting down, club, soup, cleaning, and competition represent only a handful of our chants. We cheer because we are excited about every aspect of camp. But the most important thing that we do at Pine Cove is share God’s story of redemption with campers. Thus, it only makes sense that we should cheer about the Gospel.   In 2013, former Camp in the City Southeast Regional Director, Hannah “Patilla Piñata” Carter, challenged the Camp in the City staff to put the Gospel in a cheer. […]

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What To Expect On Your First Day Of Camp

Nervous about camp? Don’t be! Whether it’s your first time at youth camp, family camp, or day camp, opening day can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Thankfully, Pine Cove has a solution: this article! Expect… Lots of excitement. If there’s one word to describe opening day it’s “hype.” Picture lots of cheering, smiling, and jumping as you drive up. We are as excited (likely more so) as you are to arrive. We just show it by going crazy (in a good way) when we see you! To be served. Pine Cove strives to be others-focused, which is […]

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Celebrate Pine Cove Day at Home

For most of you, this week is Spring Break. You might be thinking to yourself, “Self, with the kids out of school, what are we going to do?” That’s such a great question! And we’ve already answered it for you. Bring a day of Pine Cove home with you! If you haven’t figured out your plans for the week, take a look at some suggestions below to make your Spring Break INCREDIBLE! (We love it!) Activities You can’t have a day of Pine Cove without some awesome activities! Treat the day like camp: no television, video games, cell phones, etc. […]

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The Sixth Week

Week 6 is almost at its end today, and it has flown! To catch up from last week, let’s review: Remember last week when we had one epic adventure after another? First, we created a coalition of work crew members assigned the daunting task of painting the whole entire Rock, and they had to endure crazy-long hours of super tall ladders and confused comments about that white-ish color. At least there were plenty of quiet moments to be had… Then the lunch skit all week was a full-on musical, starring some of our most talented staffers, with the entire 30-person […]

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