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One of Those Moments

I hope I don’t get in trouble. During a Bible study today I quit reading my Bible, quit paying attention, and did something I normally would never do: I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture when I should have been dialed in. It was a powerful moment. It was a moment I wanted to savor by capturing it. Do you ever have those moments? Times you want to record in order to relive in the future? Bill McKenzie, the founder of Pine Cove, met with our leadership team to encourage us from the book of Nehemiah. It was […]

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How Pine Cove Came to Be

What should I do with my life? Sooner or later, everyone asks that question. Many never come up with an answer, and far too many come up with the wrong answer. Some pursue things that don’t fit them. Some chase money instead of what matters. Some just settle for any old job that pays. Worst of all, millions buy into the lie that says their life is “my life,” to do with as they please. Bill McKenzie followed a different path. By grace, he realized early on that his life was a gift from a good God who had a […]

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