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Camp in the City at Fellowship of the Parks

In 2010, Pine Cove started a traveling day camp that partnered with churches to bring a high-energy program to neighborhoods across the South. One of Base Camp’s (now Camp in the City) original partners was Fellowship of the Parks in Keller, Texas. We began our partnership with FOTP because their mission aligns directly with the mission of Pine Cove. We sought out churches that are passionate about the gospel of Jesus being proclaimed in their church and in the community. The Lord has blessed FOTP with a staff that believes in that mission and He strategically placed them in a […]

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Camp in the City at Mobberly Baptist

Pine Cove has the unique opportunity to partner with local churches through our day camp program called Camp in the City. Not only do we travel to 7 states, but we also have locations in close proximity to our headquarters in East Texas. One the churches we are privileged to do ministry with is Mobberly Baptist Church, located just east of Tyler in Longview, Texas. At Mobberly, the basis for service is founded on proclaiming Jesus Christ and making Him known. This mission is the groundwork for the outreach they do to declare the Glory of God to their community and across […]

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Base Camp’s New Name Is…

About four years ago, we started this awesome day camp program where we partner with churches for the purpose of outreach. We wanted to come alongside the church and do what we do best—camp. Our desire was to be used by the church to bring new families from their community into a year-round relationship with the church. This traveling day camp program is called Base Camp. We originally named Base Camp after the type of camp that you set up at the base of a mountain before you climb. We thought it was clever and went with the campy theme […]

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Having Fun Is My Job

This is a guest post by on of our summer staff, “Thunder Showers”. It has been an exciting start to camp for the 2012 summer! Week 1 was probably the most eventful first week of camp that I have seen in the four years that I have been working at camp. As we opened the gate for Week 1, there were nerves paired with excitement in all of us – which resulted in an ecstatic staff! [Opening day is one of my favorite days of camp simply because we get to jump in the gauntlet and display a small picture […]

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Our Facilities Are Our Program

If you have been around Pine Cove for any amount of time, you have already corrected the mistake in the title of this post.  You have heard Opee say countless times, Our staff is our program. If you are new to staff this summer, you will soon understand the expectation we have for our staff is high, because we know that staff make or break our program.  I have seen summer staff make sitting on a picnic table in the rain fun! Part of my job with Base Camp is to talk to churches about partnering with us.  This often […]

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Base Camps!

Base Camps!! Where you at? Where you at? We got a heavy load and we’re going on the road…. Base Camps!!! Base Camps is a partnership between Pine Cove and the local church where we take all the fun and excitement of camp on the road and create a day camp experience using the facilities of the local church. This program began three years ago as Pine Cove looked at ways we could become more effective as a ministry. We wanted to do something where we could be utilized to help churches do outreach in their individual communities, and connect people […]

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