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Pine Cove CampLife App: Better Than Ever

Imagine this: in one hand you have sleek, exciting technology. In the other, the entire camp experience, from skits and games to counselors and activities. Put your hands together, friends. Because it’s happening! With the CampLife App, you’ll have a window into a week of camp at Pine Cove that will blow your socks off! And you can download it right now for free on the App Store or Google Play. Technology and camp have joined together to create the most exhilarating app you’ve ever experienced! What’s so cool about it? Well, for starters… We’ll be taking photos and tagging campers in photos […]

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Pine Cove CampLife App

It’s an extra happy day at Pine Cove! First and foremost, we’re thrilled that campers are here, summer is in full swing, and we’re doing what we love most — ministering to and have fun with campers and families! But the other reason we’re extra jazzed today is that we get to finally share some very exciting news with all of you: we have an APP. If you’ve spent the last 48 years thinking to yourself, “Self, Pine Cove should have an APP,” then one, you are a very forward-thinking person with much knowledge of the future, and two, it’s happening. […]

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Board Announces New President and CEO

It is my great delight to announce that Reed Livesay has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of Pine Cove. This decision came after a very thoughtful and deliberative process of the Board evaluating what kind of leader Pine Cove needs in the days ahead. We knew from the outset that we had a very strong internal candidate in Reed, who has been our Acting President since January. But when the Selection Committee interviewed him and evaluated his qualifications against the criteria we had developed for our next CEO, it became obvious that God has placed His hand on […]

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Camp At Your House

We are excited to announce a brand-new camping option for summer 2015: Camp At Your House! Camp At Your House is a personalized camp experience that will take place right in families’ own homes. This new program will introduce a whole new level of Pine Cove by bringing camp right into your living room! The idea is simple: load up a ton of camp activities and counselors and bring them to your house for an entire week of customized camp. We’ll set up Club in your living room, put on hilarious skits, and have a blast with inflatables right on your front lawn! The […]

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Hot Dog Company Relishes Pine Cove Buyout

NEWS RELEASE April 1, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Guggenheim Global Hot Dog Industries Buys Pine Cove Camps International Hot Dog Leader Relishing the Buyout of Tyler, Texas-based Pine Cove Camps for Estimated 1.5 Million Franks TYLER, TEXAS – In a play to dominate the increasingly competitive summer camp hot dog market, Netherlands-based hot dog juggernaut, Guggenheim Global, has acquired Pine Cove Camps with the largest beef frank transaction in history. Pine Cove, which is known for it’s full summer of fun-filled, life-changing experiences for campers of all ages, will now also be known for it’s beef-filled delectable hot dog […]

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