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Gingerbread Houses: Guys Versus Girls

Boys Gingerbread House

Winterfest was a blast! Maybe by now all of our campers have finally caught up on rest, because they were having so much fun over the weekend! There are several highlights that we could talk about, but let’s be honest: we know everyone just wants to know about the the Ranch Gingerbread Launch. We’ve known that guys and girls are different for a long time. But this year at the Ranch for Winterfest, the differences became even more clear. It became obvious early on that each gender was going to take a much different approach in construction, even with the […]

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Winterfest is in the Forecast!

Worship at Pine Cove Winterfest

What is Winterfest? Winterfest is Pine Cove’s winter camp for 1st – 12th graders, December 13-15. If you’ve never experienced the awesomeness of summer, this is a great opportunity to see what it’s all about. On the flip side, if you have been or have sent your child to summer camp before, this is an amazing time to catch up with old friends and to recharge in the middle of the school year. We’ve got a ton of our summer college staff coming back, and they’re pumped to hang out with campers! What do you do at Winterfest? We’ve got […]

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A Horse Ministry

Pine Cove Horse Ministry

As the group of family campers approached the barn, the wranglers began sizing up the new riders almost immediately, assessing their personalities, temperaments and other qualities important for an enjoyable trail ride for both horse and rider. Matching campers’ and horses’ personalities doesn’t always play out like you would imagine though. For example, this particular morning, Tim ‘Swanee’ Alderson, Head Wrangler, matched one timid little girl to Shadrack, one of the more confident, faster horses so she wouldn’t fall behind during the trail ride and have to worry about staying up with the group. The wranglers want the riders to […]

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Pro-Wakeboarders at Pine Cove

Shaun Murray Wakeboarding for Campers

Campers at the Ranch and Timbers experienced a thrill when professional wakeboarders Shaun Murray and Emily Copeland-Durham performed tricks and stunts on Pine Cove’s new wake park on Lake Lackawanna Monday afternoon. The Ranch’s own Jiggs Gaffney kicked off the festivities by singing the national anthem before Emily and Shaun got out on the water and showed off their wakeboarding skills! What did our campers and staff think of Shaun and Emily’s performance on Lake Lackawanna? “On a scale of 1 to 10? FIFTY.” -Bat Awesome “Epic!” -Reed “It was cool. I wish I could see it again!” -Emanie “They’re good […]

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WhatSUP at the Woods?

Stand Up Paddle Boards

As I have mentioned, on occasion, there are definitely days at work that I simply cannot believe I get paid to do what I get to do. Recently we definitely had another one of those days. We are in a constant state of planning and dreaming and brainstorming for how to make camp better, and, as a result, there are times when we need to buy cool new things. After several conversations about this, I am pleased to inform everyone that the Woods has added Stand Up Paddleboards (or as the cool kids call them—SUPs) to our lake! And because […]

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Life Lessons from Mud Wrestling

Buffalo Hunt Game

There I stand, six inches deep in a giant pit of mud surrounded by 80 other 30 to 40-year-old men. At the instruction of a young man with a bull horn, we all get down on our hands and knees. Though it’s a warm spring day, the mud is cold. Many of the men have already smeared mud on their arms and chests. The man next to me is smearing a handful of mud into his unusually thick beard. Just then 100 elementary school-aged boys with their shirts off crest the hill led by an Indian Chieftain. The bull horn […]

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Wakeboarding Without a Boat

Kid Riding Wake Park

True or false. 1. Wakeboarding is awesome… TRUE. 2. If you don’t have a boat to pull you, then you are out of luck… FALSE! Last summer, we installed our very own Wake Park at Pine Cove, shared between campers at Crier Creek and Outback, and it was a huge hit! Campers can grab a lifejacket, buckle into a wakeboard, grab the rope and GO, sailing across the water attempting 360’s and frontside rolls or just enjoying the ride. HOW does it work, you ask? Campers are pulled along by a cable system that is run between two poles, allowing […]

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Dock Rock: A Camp Tradition

Girls on Banana Boat

“The Dock stinkin’ rocks my socks off!!!” Of all of the camp cheers and sayings we have here at the Shores, this has to be in my top five favorites! “The Dock stinkin’ rocks my socks off”! I didn’t know that someone could be able to put into words how I feel about this awesome Shores tradition in just seven simple words, but someone did. And whoever that someone is… I thank you! Dock Rock is held every Thursday night at the Shores on beautiful Lake Palestine. It all begins with a “fly by” by our awesome boat drivers. It […]

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Crier Creek is Ready for Summer!

Campers on the Battle Barge

Spring has sprung at camp, and with each passing day we are more excited about summer! Check out some of the exciting things that have been changing around camp! We can’t wait for you to experience them this summer! Recently, the deck at White Tail Lodge has expanded, which will allow for easier access into the dining hall.  We have also revamped our sidewalks from the porch of White Tail Lodge all the way to the cabins around the lake! It is our hope to continue new sidewalks throughout camp in the coming years as well. One of most popular attractions […]

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