Summer lights is a brand-new Pine Cove worship album that will be released May 1, 2012! Our goal in doing projects like this one is to provide a resource that connects campers to their experience at Pine Cove. That being said, we hope that a camper’s week at Pine Cove is the best week of their year. A highlight. Not just because it is fun, but because God does a transforming work in them, for His glory. That’s our hope.

So then, we desire for this CD to point campers back to their summer experience so they can remember what God has done in their lives.

We also believe that worship has a way of shedding light on what is really important to us. The reality is that we all worship. The question is what and why. It is our prayer that this CD brings people to a place of worshipping God – seeing Him for who He is and responding.

So join us. In remembering what God has done and responding to Him.

In the Studio

Unlike the last couple Pine Cove projects, this one was recorded in an actual studio. A couple of our former Towers staff, Stephen Mathew and Seth Penn are part of a start-up studio in Nashville, TN called Studio 930 ( Because of our connection with these guys, they agreed to not only record this project but give us an amazing price for working with them. We are really grateful! So last fall, Pine Cove’s Matt Murphy headed to Nashville and spent one week producing the album alongside Studio 930’s Seth Penn and Kyle Schonewill.

According to Matt, this was the smoothest recording process that he’s been a part of. “We were really blessed to be working with some amazing musicians connected to Pine Cove through the various camps. Without the quality of that team, we couldn’t have recorded the whole album in a week’s time.” Studio 930 also did the mixing and mastering of the album.


Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Harris is currently a junior at Baylor University studying Graphic Design. She worked at Pine Cove Timbers for the summer of 2010 as a counselor and in 2011 as the worship leader there for 8th and 9th graders. Rebecca is also on staff at Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco leading worship there part time. Her desire is to pursue a job in ministry that incorporates graphic design as well as music. She has been leading worship since a middle school worship band setting, up until now in college. Having been involved in it for so long, it has really grown her desire even further and opened her eyes to the importance of the arts in ministry. Rebecca is truly passionate about furthering His kingdom through the arts whether it be using music or any other form of art.

Brad Daugherty
Brad Daugherty is currently a senior at Belmont University studying Music.
Brad worked at Pine Cove Towers for the past two summer as the worship
leader for 2nd through 5th graders. He started leading worship in junior
high and has been passionate about it ever since . Brad is a classically
trained musician, and has had many opportunities to work outside the
Christian music industry as a studio musician and background vocalist for
a number of new artists in Nashville. Before recording on Summer Lights,
Brad led the Pine Cove band at Pine Cove’s Free Family Day in Tyler. His
desire is to use the gifts that he has to glorify God and to lead others
to a place where they can do the same.

Matt “Hat Trick” Murphy
Matt served as the executive producer for Summer Lights, and he is also a
camp director for Pine Cove. Matt began working at Pine Cove in 2002,
serving at the Shores camp on summer staff. Matt met his beautiful wife,
Katie, while on staff and they are now blessed with a beautiful daughter,
Lily. In 2008, Matt joined the Pine Cove staff full time, serving as a
Conference Director at the Towers camp for four years before transitioning
to his role at the Ranch as Camp Director. Matt is originally from East
Texas, but has spent a lot of time in Nashville, Tennessee where he
attended college at Belmont University. He is passionate about music and
loves having the opportunity to use his gifts to help Pine Cove produce
CD’s. This is his fourth CD to produce for Pine Cove.


1. Rise and Sing
2. Forever Reign
3. From This Valley
4. God Is Able
5. Deep Cries Out
6. Always
7. 10,000 Reasons
8. Counting On God
9. Christ Is Risen
10. Our God
11. Divine Romance

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Liner Notes

Executive Producer – Matt Murphy
Produced by Matt Murphy & Seth Penn
Engineered by Seth Penn & Kyle Schonewill
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle Schonewill

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Studio 930

Rebecca “Strum” Harris – Lead Vocals, Background
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on “Divine Romance”
Brad “Shining” Daugherty – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Matt “Hat Trick” Murphy – Drums, Programming
Carson “Woshircha” Murphy – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele
Seth “Bassically” Penn – Background Vocals, Keys, Rhodes, Programming
Alex Edwards – Electric Guitars
Emily “Littlefoot” Thompson – Mandolin on “From This Valley” and “God is Able”

Stomps and Claps – Carson Murphy, Matt Murphy, Seth Penn, Kyle Schonewill
Gang Vocals – Seth Penn, Kyle Schonewill & Friends

Artwork by Andréa Mahler
Art Direction by Brad Wofford
Photography by Andrea Mahler, Brad Wofford and Kristen Marks