Sunday – America’s Pastime Blast Time

Shores Sunday Theme Night

During this theme night we are going to be out and about. We will be playing baseball themed station games along with a little Home Run Derby. Make sure you wear clothes that you can run around in, because we will definitely be sweating for this theme night! There are a lot of places where you can find cheap baseball hats anywhere from $5-$20. You could go to any Goodwill or Salvation Army to find some sort of jersey as well.

Monday – Surfin’ Safari

Shores Monday Theme Night

Our Surfin’ Safari night will consist of one big camp game! So make sure you are dressed in your jungle best, but make sure it is very light and breathable. If you think you ran around a lot during America’s Past Time Blast Time, you haven’t seen anything yet! An all-camp game during the beautiful East Texas sunset will sure be a fun time this evening. Most places will sell cheap “safari”-looking wilderness hats. Throw on a tan shirt and some khaki shorts and you have yourself an easy safari costume. Or check out this cool safari costume idea!

Tuesday – Espionage

Shores Tuesday Theme Night

Get on your camouflage for this Shores classic! This is an easy find in almost any store you can walk in. Most off-brand clothes sell cheap camouflage things. Add on some face paint and you are set to go blend in with the trees of Espionage forest. We will be running around once the sun goes down, so feel free to wear long sleeves and pants this evening. It will not be as hot as the previous theme nights.

Wednesday – Hoedown Throwdown

Shores Wednesday Theme Night

This will be a night filled with line dances and two-steppin, a.k.a. The Great Hoedown of 2013! Get on your pearl snaps and wranglers. Don’t forget your cowboy (and cowgirl) boots, and get ready to dance your heart out. We will be inside for the dance, so the A/C will be cranked up on high! I have bought for myself a lovely Goodwill pearlsnap button-down shirt, and there was plenty to choose from. I am sure that you could get out of Goodwill for under $10 with an entire Hoedown costume!

Thursday – Dock Rock

Shores Thursday Theme Night
We will be outside relaxing on Lake Palestine during this theme night. The majority of people will wear their bathing suits with a tanktop during Dock Rock, because they will be going out on the boats before the sun sets. Wal*Mart sells tanktops for $5 (I know from my own closet). Most places will sell them for that much as well, even sporting good stores. Dress very breathable during Dock Rock, because we will be outside the majority of the evening.

Friday – Whose Shore-line is it Anyway?

Shores Friday Theme Night
We will have a nice dinner this evening, one where we usually dress in our Sunday’s best. Church clothes (khaki’s and a polo for guys and a dress for girls) is usually what most people wear during what has been dubbed “Nice Night”. The rest of the evening will not be running around and playing games, but will consist of a game show and reflecting over all the awesome things God did over the past week.