At Pine Cove, we love teaming up with fellow ministries to share the love of Jesus Christ with others. Collaborating with other organizations sparks creativity and opens up new resources and ideas that we might not have had access to before.

One such collaborative project is with a radio station in Dallas, Texas. KLTY 94.9 FM has been an advertising partner with Pine Cove for well over a decade. However, it was over a conference call five years ago that the idea of “Pine Cove Week” was born.

I remember that call vividly. We had a few open spots left for camp that summer and we had asked if KLTY would want to give a few of them away for free on-air. What they came back with was bigger than anything I was expecting. They wanted to take nominations for children who had recently experienced a major hardship of some kind or who were struggling emotionally, spiritually, or financially. They were going to take these nominations, read and pray over them, and then bless those parents on-air with a free week of camp for their child.

The stories and testimonies that came out of that first year were amazing to hear! And each year, the promotion has gotten bigger, with more nominations and more weeks of camp given away. As the Marketing Director for Pine Cove, I am truly humbled and grateful that KLTY has allowed us to be a part of this.

Pine Cove Week begins this Monday, May 13th. We’ll be posting some of the audio from the winners on our website in case you aren’t able to listen to it live. I hope you are touched by these stories as much as we are. May they be reminders of how big our God is and how He can use us–with the gifts, talents, and resources He has given us–to bless someone else.