Possible questions that have crossed your mind when thinking about Theme Nights:

1. “What in the world is a ‘Twistery Mystery’ and how do you dress up for that?
2. “Where do you go to get ninja gear? And…is it going to be dangerous….? ☺
3. “How can I get the PERFECT costume that my son/daughter will actually wear?”

These questions, and I’m sure many more, have crossed all our minds when searching for the perfect gear for Pine Cove Outback’s Summer Theme Nights. As funny as some of these sound, the truth is the question still remains, “What do I need to dress up my camper for Theme Nights?” Now it’s time to get some answers!

I want to take the time to venture through each theme night we will have this summer at Outback. Along the ride we will discover not just ideas of “what to wear?” but also “what NOT to wear?” We will also give you an idea of places to go to hopefully help you along the way as you search for Theme Night décor for your camper. So…let the journey begin!

Sunday – Mr. Monopoly’s Twister-y Mystery

Outback Sunday Theme
Have you ever played a board game and thought, “I wish I could be in this game!” ME TOO…haha! Now is the chance. This theme night is all about board game fun. Your camper will have the opportunity to dress up as any board game character or theme they would like. From Monopoly to LIFE, Candy Land to Chutes and Ladders. Any board game, any time period.
What to Wear: Something your camper can move around in. Colorful supersuits with easy moving parts. Think of Board game pieces: the blue and pink pegs in LIFE, one of the colorful dots in Twister, or a Clue character from the game. The sky is the limit!

What not to Wear: Bulky or heavy gear. You camper will want to be able to easily move around and be active.

Monday – Sensei it… Don’t Spray It!

Outback Monday Theme
Get ready for some Samurai Kung Fun for this theme night. It’s all about ninjas! Your camper will dress up like a ninja and participate in a ninja obstacle course this theme night. So grab your gear and lets kick it into action.
What to Wear: Any type of black or white sweats or ninja/karate gear. Something your camper can roll around in and get a little dirty in our challenge course.
What not to Wear: Be sure not to bring any type of Ninja weapons that will bring forth a distraction towards camp. We want to ensure the costume is great, but that there are no outer pieces that could affect safety or your camper’s experience.

Tuesday – HwhoO (Pool Party)

Outback Tuesday Theme
I don’t know about you, but Dr. Suess has always been a classic favorite of mine. 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. What if we could bring that to our Outback pool? Well this summer…WE WILL!
What to Wear: Since all the campers will be in the pool or lagoon this night it will be important to have their bathing suit on. Their suit can be a part of the costume or just worn under their costume. The idea is to dress up as any Dr. Suess book or movie characters. For instance the Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Lorax, or the Grinch. Cat in the Hat hats will be great for this night. Swim wear items with Dr. Suess Themed décor would be great as well.
What not to Wear: No inappropriate swimwear even if it is a part of the theme night costume. Also be sure it is something easy to take on and off in order for you camper to get in the water that night. Face Paint might not be the best option for this night either due to it being a water themed event; however, it is not prohibited.

Wednesday – Operation Infiltration

Outback Thursday Theme
SSHHHHH!! It’s time for O.I. Get ready to be in stealth mode and sneak around our new and improved O.I. Forest. This is one of the camper favorites and we are looking forward to enhancing it even more. So get your stealth threads on and get ready for some O.I.!
What to Wear: Dark clothing or camouflage are definitely recommended for this night. Also, army face paint is always a great addition. This night consist of campers sneaking through our O.I. Forest on a mission to defeat the Infiltration force that has taken over camp (not really…its just a skit…haha). So clothing that provides the camper with stealth like abilities will be best.
What not to Wear: Again, no fake weapons or gear that will bring forth a distraction. Be sure to have washable paint for face paint and do not wear clothing you wouldn’t want to get dirty. There may be times campers are crawling or kneeling and could get dirty.

Thursday – Super Ninten-Dance!

Outback Wednesday Theme
Mario and his gang have booked their trip to Pine Cove Outback and are coming to hang out with YOU. This night will be full of Nintendo characters and games that will dance the night away to some fun upbeat (Pine Cove appropriate) songs. So get ready to get your groove on at our Super Nintendance!
What to Wear: From Mario to Luigi, Yoshi and Donkey Kong you camper can dress up as any Nintendo character. This will be our dance night so having a costume to move around easily in will be important. Maybe even dressing up as a Nintendo controller could be fun as well.
What not to Wear: Be sure to not wear any inappropriate clothing supporting a Nintendo character. Our desire is to be above reproach and to have fun in the midst of that type of environment. Have fun and be creative.

Friday – Didgeridoo You Know Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Outback Friday Theme
New to Outback this year is our Friday night Theme. Now on Friday nights campers will get the opportunity to dress up nice (casual like – jeans/skirts and a nice shirt) and have a nice dinner before getting to participate in our very own Pine Cove Outback Game show. This will be an awesome time of fellowship and laughter that all campers will truly love.
What to Wear: Casual type clothing. For guys have nice jeans with a polo or button down. For girls having a nice dress/skirt (appropriate in length) with a nice top. The desire for this night is to celebrate the end of the week together with a nice dinner and a fun show.
What not to Wear: Please be cautious to lengths of skirts or dresses as well as how revealing tops or shirts are. Short skirts, revealing tops, spaghetti strap shirts are not recommended. Also, suits or tuxedos are NOT needed…haha. This is a nice night…but not a formal.

Ideas of places to shop:
Hobby Lobby – felt to cut up and make into costumes, cheap fabric to sew or use as a costume.
Party City – buying a costume might be an option as well.
Goodwill – many times you can find perfect pieces of clothing that will be great for theme night décor, and cheap.
Amazon – Sometimes searching amazon will help you to find costume pieces or attire.
Superfan Suits – here you can find all types of bright colorful suits that could be great for theme nights.
Your own home – look for old t-shirts or sheets that you can use and cut up to make a costume. There are so many creative ways to provide your camper with a great costume that doesn’t have to be expensive.

Thanks for going along for the ride! I know this is a lot of info, but I hope it serves you in getting your camper ready for this summer here at Outback. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 979.733.0777, or email me at ppreston@pinecove.com. We would love to help in any way we can. We look forward to seeing you all soon! Have a G’day Mates!