April 1, 2014


Guggenheim Global Hot Dog Industries Buys Pine Cove Camps
International Hot Dog Leader Relishing the Buyout of Tyler, Texas-based Pine Cove Camps for Estimated 1.5 Million Franks

TYLER, TEXAS – In a play to dominate the increasingly competitive summer camp hot dog market, Netherlands-based hot dog juggernaut, Guggenheim Global, has acquired Pine Cove Camps with the largest beef frank transaction in history.

Pine Cove, which is known for it’s full summer of fun-filled, life-changing experiences for campers of all ages, will now also be known for it’s beef-filled delectable hot dog varieties and mouth watering homemade hot dog buns. Campers will soon have maximum choices for camp meals that include every type of hot dog and topping you could imagine.

To prevent former campers from growing sour on the idea, Pine Cove’s Senior Director of Ministries, Craig Langemeier said, “Frankly, we have committed not to change the camp program in any way. Except for the branding shifts on the signage and key activities, Pine Cove will be 100% pure camp.”

Renovations have already begun at the request of Guggenheim CEO, Frederick Hague Zandstra Jr. Camp signage is beginning to reflect the branding shift (from Pine Cove to Pine Coney), dining halls are becoming more hot dog-centric, and some of the activities around camp have been updated. A brand new fleet of canoes were recently commissioned, and look exactly like giant floating coneys.