Base Camps!! Where you at? Where you at? We got a heavy load and we’re going on the road…. Base Camps!!!

Base Camps is a partnership between Pine Cove and the local church where we take all the fun and excitement of camp on the road and create a day camp experience using the facilities of the local church.

This program began three years ago as Pine Cove looked at ways we could become more effective as a ministry. We wanted to do something where we could be utilized to help churches do outreach in their individual communities, and connect people who where not going to church or could not find a church community. We knew that what Pine Cove does well is create a week long experience where campers are able to encounter a living God and receive healing and salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. But what we battle with is follow up after these week long experiences. Partnering with local churches was our answer to this challenge of follow up.

Base Camps began in its first year with one team partnering with 11 churches in Texas and Louisiana. Now only in its third year it has exponentially grown into four teams and 44 church partnerships now in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. If you happen to be on the Timbers first half Base Camp team you will be embarking on a ground breaking new experience as we will be heading out week 1 of the summer traveling from church to church for five weeks and will return to Tyler at the end of week 5. It will be an exciting and testing time as we blaze a trail for what having stand alone Base Camp teams could look like in the future for Pine Cove. In the past as a counselor you would rotate from Timbers onsite on to Timbers Base Camp and travel to the church that we had partnered with for that week of the summer. If you are a second half counselor this is what you can expect as you will rotate from Timbers onsite to Timbers Base Camp at least once if not twice during your half.