About four years ago, we started this awesome day camp program where we partner with churches for the purpose of outreach. We wanted to come alongside the church and do what we do best—camp. Our desire was to be used by the church to bring new families from their community into a year-round relationship with the church. This traveling day camp program is called Base Camp.

We originally named Base Camp after the type of camp that you set up at the base of a mountain before you climb. We thought it was clever and went with the campy theme that we wanted to keep even though we would be setting up at a church. A few years down the road, we have realized that this is not a term that a lot of people are familiar with. And we don’t want there to be any confusion as we venture far beyond areas that are familiar with Pine Cove.

I am excited to announce that Base Camp is getting a new name! Over the last year or so, we have been talking about the name Base Camp and debating if this is really the best name for the program. There has been some confusion from our church partners and campers about what a Base Camp is, because the name itself doesn’t explain what we do very well. We decided that since we are only in our fourth year, now would be a better time to change our name than later as we continue to grow each year.

Now, some of you might know that for the last two summers, Pine Cove partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of East Texas to provide a day camp program at their facility. This program was called “Camp in the City.” Many people automatically assumed that that program was our traveling day camp because of the name “Camp in the City.”

All this to say, starting at the end of this summer, Base Camp will be called Camp in the City! For the remainder of this summer our traveling day camp program will be referred to as Base Camp.

We are super excited about the change, and we believe it not only explains exactly what we do, but it will make it easier to market as we move far beyond the Texas borders and the people who are familiar with Pine Cove and what we do!

Please join us in getting the word out as we move forward with this name change after the summer!