Shawn "El Guapo" Welch

Shawn Welch
Shawn first became acquainted with Pine Cove in the summer of 2001 where he served as a counselor. Following that summer he worked four more years on the summer staff team in various roles from senior counselor to program director. Shawn is originally from south Louisiana (Go Saints!) and graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University with a degree in education. Upon graduation in December of 2005, he began working full time for Pine Cove. Shawn and his wife, Robyn, do not have any children yet, but they do have a 3-year-old Spring Spaniel named Rudy. Shawn has a passion for equipping and developing godly leaders.

Bible Study Theme: Know

If I were to ask you, “Who do you know?”, what people would you list? Would you talk about family, friends, or just mere acquaintances? As we go down our list, we begin to realize that there are different levels of knowing people. For some people, we just know their name and maybe a few facts about them. But others, like friends and family, we could talk to for hours because we know who they are. We could share their joys, sorrows, and even embarrassing moments. Why do we know these people better than others? The reason is that we […]

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How Camp Prepared Me for Life After College

I asked my friend Luke to make a guest post one week, and since Luke and I worked at Pine Cove Shores together I asked him to share how working at summer camp prepared him for life today. Another summer is fast approaching and whether you have just come off of your last summer or are gearing up for this upcoming one, I think Luke’s words are very applicable!   Bio: Luke “Wok N Wo” Friesen first became a Pine Cover as a camper at the Ranch in 1995 and 1998. He worked at the Shores during the summers of 2001–2004 […]

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The Chronicles of Guapo

  I was recently asked to share some of the highlights from my time working here at Pine Cove. Her rationale for me sharing was that I am an “experienced” PC staffer. Basically, she is saying that I am old! I guess camping years are a lot like dog years. One year in the camping world is really like seven. I started working at PC as a summer staffer back in 2001 so that would make me 84 in camping years. Wow, I guess I really am “experienced”. Now I won’t mention who this person was that made that “old” […]

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Base Camps!

Base Camps!! Where you at? Where you at? We got a heavy load and we’re going on the road…. Base Camps!!! Base Camps is a partnership between Pine Cove and the local church where we take all the fun and excitement of camp on the road and create a day camp experience using the facilities of the local church. This program began three years ago as Pine Cove looked at ways we could become more effective as a ministry. We wanted to do something where we could be utilized to help churches do outreach in their individual communities, and connect people […]

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Leadership Quotes

It’s no secret that I love quotes, especially ones on leadership! I strategically pick, place, and rotate them all over my office walls. The reason is because quotes have an ability to motivate, refocus, comfort, and serve as a battle cry. At times they can lift me out of the mundane, give perspective on a tough issue, or inspire an idea. Here are a few of my favorite leadership quotes and why I like them. (Not all of these quotes are specifically on leadership but all can be used in a leadership context.) “Don’t desire to be a leader, desire […]

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