Susan "Singing TeddyGram" Andreone

Susan Andreone
Susan serves on Pine Cove’s Development Team. She also serves as Executive Editor for our magazine, TRANSFORMED and writes many of its stories. Susan may appear to be "all business" but don't let that fool you. She is still a kid at heart. As her camp name indicates, her first job, at 16 years-old, was delivering singing telegrams and even now during her time off, you may catch her playing "Just Dance" on the Wii or taking a hip hop dance class. Susan is married to David and they have 2 teenage daughters.

Blessing Our Military Families

When Darlene, a military wife and mom from Fort Hood, Texas, learned that her husband was going to be deployed this summer, she knew it was going to be hard. It was always a challenge to parent five little ones, but when her husband was away, it was especially difficult. She longed to plan a vacation or go somewhere fun with the kids, but could never see it happening. Additionally, this was going to be the second deployment in a year’s time, which would be especially hard for the kids. It is estimated that nearly two million children have parents […]

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Donate Your “Stuff” to Send Kids to Camp

Did you know that your “stuff” can help minister to campers and spread the life-saving Truth of the Gospel? This “stuff” is not just old cell phones or lap tops sitting around; but, if you have valuable jewelry you never wear, maybe a golf cart, unused gift cards, or perhaps a cow (yes, even a cow or other livestock!), then you can help send a camper to Pine Cove whose life could be transformed by the love of Jesus! Pine Cove is thrilled to announce that we now have an online process on our website where you can select items […]

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Redeemed at Family Camp

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 Arriving after a long journey from their home in Pennsylvania, they drove through the Pine Cove Woods Family Camp entrance where she witnessed enthusiastic counselors jumping up and down and waving at her with a joyful fervor she had never experienced before. She was caught off-guard, to say the least. Caitlin, a teenage girl and pastor’s daughter from a loving family of four, emerged from the car donning a black skull and cross bones t-shirt—not your usual Pine […]

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A Horse Ministry

As the group of family campers approached the barn, the wranglers began sizing up the new riders almost immediately, assessing their personalities, temperaments and other qualities important for an enjoyable trail ride for both horse and rider. Matching campers’ and horses’ personalities doesn’t always play out like you would imagine though. For example, this particular morning, Tim ‘Swanee’ Alderson, Head Wrangler, matched one timid little girl to Shadrack, one of the more confident, faster horses so she wouldn’t fall behind during the trail ride and have to worry about staying up with the group. The wranglers want the riders to […]

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