Mario "High Five" Zandstra

Mario Zandstra
Mario Zandstra is the President and CEO of Pine Cove, a Christian Camping Ministry, but he will tell you his roles as follower of Christ, husband to Lynelle and father to their seven kids are his first priority. As the CEO of Pine Cove, Mario is quick to point out that “Pine Cove exists to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory”. Mario has a passion for revival in our country. He and his wife Lynelle are frequent speakers at FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conferences throughout the United States.
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The Defeat of Death

As a high school student, I was not the best in my English classes. That struggle continued with me all the way into my freshman classes in college. My struggle has many elements. English was essentially my third language as I was raised speaking Dutch and grew up in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood in southern California. But enough of my excuses. What I do remember about all of my English classes, however, was the use of past tense, present tense, and future tense. As I read through the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, I am amazed by a past […]

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Camper Story: Celebrating Salvation

Opening days at Pine Cove are filled with festivities. As families are driving into camp, the college staff are cheering and jumping, welcoming the arriving campers to camp for another exciting week. No matter the circumstance, the enthusiastic staff can put a smile on the most skeptical face. This particular week at the Bluffs Family Camp, a mom shared with our staff Sunday night that her husband was tied up at work, so he would not be attending Family Camp with her and the kids. As the week progressed, the mom and her kids were having a blast. They were […]

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Ranch Renovation: We Made it!

It’s a time for celebration! Through God’s faithfulness and the generous donations of so many, we made it! We exceeded the minimum requirement of $1,940,000 in gifts and pledges raised, and the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation has given Pine Cove $485,000 for the Ranch project, and we plan to have 18 new cabins ready for campers this May 2014! The remaining 18 cabins, dining hall, and gym renovations will be completed by summer 2015! How did we get here? In 2011, after 44 years of ministry, Pine Cove served its 1 millionth camper. We anticipate our 2 millionth camper […]

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Camper Story: Receiving Your Spouse

At family camp, adults get to enjoy teaching on parenting, marriage, and the Christian life by excellent Christian speakers. One week, our speaker shared the concept of leaving your mother and father, cleaving to your spouse, and receiving them as a gift from God. The speaker shared the “power” of accepting this realization and the commitment to your spouse that is acknowledged by receiving them. At the end of this session, the speaker had all of the couples stand and go through a “receiving” ceremony. He used the example of catching a football. Follow the ball in, catch it, pull it […]

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Why We Need Christmas

We love to celebrate Christmas at the Zandstra house, do you? If you were to ask your friends and families why we celebrate Christmas, you will no doubt get varying answers ranging from, “It’s a time to celebrate family” to “Santa Claus” to “Jesus’ birth.” But, I want to ask a different question… Why do we need Christmas? If you are familiar with the creation story, you know that God created a perfect place and gave mankind the unique opportunity to tend to the earth and creation. Man was deeply loved and blessed. Our Creator only asked for love and […]

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