Melissa "Diskickable Me" Laughlin

Melissa Laughlin
Melissa "Diskickable Me" Laughlin served as the first-half social media coordinator at the Shores for Summer 2013. Melissa grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and is a student studying Animal Science at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She enjoys outdoor activities, having intentional conversations and spontaneous adventures. The sufficient healing and encouragement from the gospel has significantly impacted her desire for others to know Christ and the power of the cross.

#ShoresReflect: First Half Summer Staff

One week of Orientation? Check. Five weeks of AWESOME camp-life? Check. Learned something? Definitely check. Ready to head home? …Debatable. As fast as each week has gone, it blows our minds that the first-half staff’s time at Shores is already over. Despite the varied responses to going home, everyone seems to cling to one truth: those six weeks had a significant and beneficial impact on everyone’s spiritual journey. The following are just a few (they would say painfully brief) stories on how individual staff members have grown and how the faithful Lord has revealed Himself: “Being a counselor at Pine […]

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Reunited Through Living Water

With Week 4 wrapped up and Week 5 on the move, campers and counselors will tell you that time has been flying by at camp! And every week God is making his transforming power known. Recently a camper at the Shores was baptized, proclaiming the truth of this power publicly. This was a great snapshot of how God’s glory rocked the lives of not only the camper (we will call her Emily), but the parents and counselor as well. When coming through the gates of Shores, it appeared like it would be just another week of summer camp for Emily. […]

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