Jon "Silly Rabbit" Davidson

Jon Davidson
Jon began working at Pine Cove in 2006, serving on summer staff at the Ranch camp. At the end of his college career and immediately after, he was involved in youth ministry and served as the Middle School Director at his home church in Lincoln, Nebraska. After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Middle School Education, he made his way to Pine Cove to work full time as the Ranch Associate Director. Jon married his best friend Lindsay in December 2012. In his spare time, he loves any good book, and most outdoor work.
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Gingerbread Houses: Guys Versus Girls

Winterfest was a blast! Maybe by now all of our campers have finally caught up on rest, because they were having so much fun over the weekend! There are several highlights that we could talk about, but let’s be honest: we know everyone just wants to know about the the Ranch Gingerbread Launch. We’ve known that guys and girls are different for a long time. But this year at the Ranch for Winterfest, the differences became even more clear. It became obvious early on that each gender was going to take a much different approach in construction, even with the […]

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Gettin’ Jiggsy With It

Most people have a ‘go-to.’ You might have a go-to movie, TV show, or even a book. But almost everybody has that thing that is a total comfort zone, something that you don’t mind repeating time after time. Every few years it seems like I pick up “The Hobbit” and give it another read. The truth is there is tons of transition and change in most of our lives. We long for stability and for the familiar. That is why family relationships are so impactful. Ultimately, we should be looking to the Lord for stability, but I’ll spare you the […]

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C’s might get degrees, but D’s get you victory laps.

You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years. Or 6 and a summer in my case.  I finished my Bachelor’s of Science in Education in lightning fast speed.  Several contributing factors here, not the least of which was just that I didn’t like school and wasn’t very good at it.  Ironic that I studied to be a teacher? If you were to look at my transcripts, you’d see a pattern; my fall semesters had significantly lower GPA’s as I worked my way through college.  Maybe some of you are the same way.  Spring semester was spent […]

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