Hannah "Chatty Kattie" Middleton

Hannah Middleton
Hannah’s first experience with Pine Cove was when she came out to the Shores with her youth group as a volunteer work crew. She fell in love with the place and started working there part time as work crew during off seasons and as cook assistant during the summers. In summer 2011, Hannah went through the Baby Ruth program and it changed her life. She then worked as a counselor at the Timbers the next two summers and is currently the social media coordinator (summer 2014). Hannah accepted Christ at a young age but has grown deeper in her relationship with Christ since then. She loves using social media as an avenue for displaying her faith and boldly proclaiming the gospel.

Why We Do the Gauntlet

If you’re a newcomer to Pine Cove, you might not understand the title of this post. However, our hope is that through the explanation of the gauntlet, you would come to better understand our reasoning behind why we do what we do here at Pine Cove. To start things off, the gauntlet is the avenue we use to welcome our campers and their families when they enter our gates. The staff line up on either side of the road and cheer for every car that drives through, and it is our desire that everyone that comes into camp feels loved […]

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Rainy Day Camp Fun

You might be thinking to yourself, “Self… What does one do when it rains at camp?!” Well moms, dads, and anyone wondering, there is a variety of answers to that question and our very own Pine Cove Timbers has done an incredible job of finding that out for us! For example, Monday of Week 2 there was a pretty crazy rain storm, but we didn’t just stay inside and have an all-day F.O.B. (Flat On Back). NO! After a lot of improvisation and fun-filled brainstorming, we created an activity called “Timbers Got Talent.” This consisted of: Step 1: Brainstorming Each […]

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