Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams
Chelsea, or "Hive Impact" worked as the Towers Guest Relations Coordinator until 2013, when she took a job with Watermark Church in Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Whoop!) class of 2009. She loves running, reading, traveling, writing, coffee-ing, and the like.
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You’ve seen it on the T-shirts, on the facebook graphics, even on the website. When I first noticed our “APPLY” theme, I was a little bit confused. Shouldn’t those shirts say more about Pine Cove? Don’t we want to promote actually working at the towers/timbers/shores/outback/ranch/silverado/base camps/camp in the city… It really is a lot of staffers. What if they don’t get it? I love recruiting for Pine Cove for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because of this very philosophy:  We are about encouraging college students to apply their faith this summer. We are about the gospel. […]

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The Most Wonderful Day of the Summer


Let’s be honest, every day of camp is the “best day ever!” Still, a few days stick out more than others. We celebrated our nation’s independence day with an outdoor club and an impressive fireworks show. We dropped red white and blue balloons from the ceiling in the Rock! The 4th of July brought very welcome festivities in the midst of the routine best program ever. ((It really is hard to make the best better, but we do what we can)) Wednesday was July 25. We don’t just cheer for everything at Pine Cove, we celebrate everything too. Birthdays, for […]

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And We Love It!


Though the words to the cheer are consistently allusive, even to the seasoned staff, there’s no question: Work Crew, we love it! It’s the week where you get to hang out with Mister Biz himself, and Hiyaty! This is when stacking chairs and arranging tables becomes an art form, and the beavers of the camp rejoice. Every day brings its own unique challenge of three separate clean-up skits, plus an abundance of counting to 7, 8, and 9. Being a counselor on work crew can be comparable to being a camper headed to mystery madness. Every assigned job is a […]

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Hunting Buffalo


The Towers without Buffalo Hunt is like corn dogs without macaroni and cheese. It just doesn’t make sense! Every week, campers and staff alike count down the days until the theme night of all theme nights: Buffalo Hunt. Occasionally, during a simplified explanation of the planned evening, any first-timer to the game will feel a bit anxious. A mud pit? Rubber bands on my wrists? All 270 campers coming at me at once? Potentially chanting my name? And yes, we were not exaggerating about the mud. You will be covered. My favorite part of the highlight video at closing celebration […]

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The Sixth Week


Week 6 is almost at its end today, and it has flown! To catch up from last week, let’s review: Remember last week when we had one epic adventure after another? First, we created a coalition of work crew members assigned the daunting task of painting the whole entire Rock, and they had to endure crazy-long hours of super tall ladders and confused comments about that white-ish color. At least there were plenty of quiet moments to be had… Then the lunch skit all week was a full-on musical, starring some of our most talented staffers, with the entire 30-person […]

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Dear First Half Staff,


Can you believe it’s Week 5? Did you ever think this day would come? Opening day of Week 1, we said “no really- jump at least three phone books high! And smile!” You didn’t think it was possible. After all, every parent seemed to make the same joke, about it being “way too hot to jump today!” Yes, we must be crazy. Then it started. You thought you wouldn’t ever like your camp name, but after the first group of campers kept repeating it and making you tell the story over and over, it became a part of you. A […]

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Rock the Castle!


Being assigned a Castle Rock cabin could mean many things. You could have first graders, and their backpacks are probably going to be bigger than they are. You could also have sixth grade girls, and they might pull your hair out in buffalo hunt on Thursday. You will be an expert at every.single.cheer. Castle Rock is Pine Cove’s Day Camp program, happily hosted at the Towers! From 8:30 AM till 3 PM, (or 5 if they’re staying to “Rock On”) we squeeze in as many activity classes, skits, club songs, Bible study, themed dress-up days, memory verses, and playground time […]

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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learend Featured Image

Towers campers are silly. They say funny things, and sometimes it can be hard to tell if they are even listening to the serious stuff. After all, the question “when’s free time?!” comes up at least 5 times a day (per camper), and no matter how many times we answer, it still seems to be a mystery. During club talks, it’s a fight to get them to sit through a talk without leaving for the bathroom. In the 5th grade girls Q&A session, they pull out random questions that seem to be totally irrelevant. Except, they are listening. Always. More […]

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