Colton "Toadashi" Venner

Colton Venner
Colton "Toadashi" Venner is the 2014 worship leader and social media representative at the Pine Cove Shores. In 2013 Colton started on summer staff by serving as a first half counselor and is excited to be at the Shores for the entirety of the summer this year. He is a junior at Dallas Baptist University where he is majoring in communication theory. Colton serves as the chaplain of his fraternity at DBU and leads worship for the youth at Irving Bible Church.

Lessons From the Shores Staff

The majority of Pine Cove campers could tell you about the amazing life lessons and spiritual truths that they learn each year from their short stay at camp. On the last night of camp each week, Pine Cove has an awesome tradition called “Camper Share” where campers explain to all of camp the valuable things that God has taught them over the previous few days. However, there is a vast amount of lessons learned that are not expressed in a microphone that are just as life changing. Pine Cove is not only used by the Lord to teach the campers […]

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Bible Study Theme: MADE

The summer is here once again and numerous high school students all around the country are preparing to pack their bags to come and spend a week at the Pine Cove Shores. All the while, the counselors have been named, the excitement is high, and the jumping is even higher! Every year there is a new Bible study prepared for the campers and this year is no different. The theme for the 2014 Bible study at the Shores is MADE. Though it may seem like a simple title, MADE contains a vast amount of information that is both challenging and […]

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