Chris "Hip Shot" Sherrod

Chris Sherrod
Chris Sherrod joined Pine Cove in 2007 all the way from Columbus, Georgia. Graduating from Auburn University in 1993, Chris went on to get a Masters in Religion from Liberty University and has spent the last 17 years in ministry with students and parents through teaching & coaching, pastoring & youth ministry, writing & speaking. Chris and his wife Katie have six amazing children, and their passion is for their family to be used by God to show His glory and grace, and to equip college students and families to live for an audience of One.
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Bible Study Theme: Broken

Fallow is not a word that most people have ever used in a conversation (unless you’re a farmer). So if you don’t know, “fallow ground” is land that has sat unused and become hard and full of weeds. It must be broken up and prepared before it can be useful and planted with seeds. The Bible frequently uses farming images to talk about spiritual truths. For example, Hosea 10:12 talks about sowing righteousness and reaping steadfast love as a prerequisite for the rain of God’s righteousness. But also included are these words: “Break up your fallow ground, for it is […]

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Faith: No Doubt About it

A condition that plagues many Christians today – both young and old – is what I call Thomasphobia: the fear of doubting. This malady often begins in elementary Sunday school class when the Easter story is told and children hear about Doubting Thomas. Wide-eyed children are asked, “Can you believe Thomas doubted that Jesus rose from the dead? You don’t want to be a Doubting Thomas do you?” This is significant because as these children grow and begin to think more about their beliefs, they may have genuine questions that need answering, but since it’s been ingrained in them that […]

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The Bible Tells Me So

For a majority of Christian families, one of the first songs their children learn is Jesus Loves Me, and the wonderful news of this love is based on the words that follow: “for the Bible tells me so.” The truth is, our beliefs are built on what we find in Scripture, which is why critics so often attack the reliability of the Bible. The first recorded words of Satan show him questioning the truthfulness of God’s Word (“Did God really say…?”). So do we have the very words of God, as 1 Thessalonians 2:13 claims, or is the Bible simply […]

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7 Ways to Prepare for Sunday

If you’re like me, Sunday mornings can often feel hectic and anything but restful or even spiritual. As you’re thinking through changes for the New Year, I’d like to suggest some ways to help your hearing of God’s Word be more effective and to even make your Sundays less stressful. Why Prepare? Matthew 13 records the Parable of the Sower, where Jesus illustrated God’s Word as seed landing on different soils, each representing a person’s heart and with four different outcomes. His point was that the result of hearing God’s Word always depends on the condition of the hearer’s heart. […]

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Are You Living the Legacy You Want to Leave?

Have you ever noticed that we don’t really use the word “legacy” until someone is gone? Only then do we look back and reflect on what they’ve left behind. I did exactly that a year and a half ago when my grandfather died. In fact, when asked to lead his memorial service, I titled my mini-sermon “What Granddad Left Us,” and I tearfully shared many things I would always remember about Granddad – his funny stories, how he rode a horse to school when he was a boy, and even his role in WWII. But as I went deeper into […]

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