Brent "I'm Taken" Bertolio

Brent Bertolio
Brent began working at Pine Cove in 2007 on summer staff at the Woods camp. He served two summers there and one more in 2009 at the Shores. Before coming on full-time in 2010 as the Marketing Specialist, he also worked part-time in our IT and Marketing Departments. He met his wife, Jessica or “Gazunt-cry-t,” while at the Woods in 2007 and are blessed to have a son, Jonah. Brent is passionate about worship, specifically playing guitar, and considers himself a “guitar tone connoisseur and overall gearhead.”
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Merry Winterfest to All and to All a Good Night

Wow! Winterfest has come and gone and God did some amazing things. This year was the largest Winterfest ever with over 1,200 campers! From the ropes courses, all camp games, dance partys, and winterized versions of classics like Pitch Black Attack and Espionage, we hope your camper had a blast and also grew in their relationship with Christ. On top of the awesome camp activities, our Ranch, Timbers, and Shores campers spent Saturday night rocking out with Family Force 5 in concert! A couple hundred students synchronize dancing to the Wobble and Chainsaw…yes please! If you weren’t able to join […]

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Celebrate Pine Cove Day at Home

For most of you, this week is Spring Break. You might be thinking to yourself, “Self, with the kids out of school, what are we going to do?” That’s such a great question! And we’ve already answered it for you. Bring a day of Pine Cove home with you! If you haven’t figured out your plans for the week, take a look at some suggestions below to make your Spring Break INCREDIBLE! (We love it!) Activities You can’t have a day of Pine Cove without some awesome activities! Treat the day like camp: no television, video games, cell phones, etc. […]

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Winterfest is in the Forecast!

What is Winterfest? Winterfest is Pine Cove’s winter camp for 1st – 12th graders, December 13-15. If you’ve never experienced the awesomeness of summer, this is a great opportunity to see what it’s all about. On the flip side, if you have been or have sent your child to summer camp before, this is an amazing time to catch up with old friends and to recharge in the middle of the school year. We’ve got a ton of our summer college staff coming back, and they’re pumped to hang out with campers! What do you do at Winterfest? We’ve got […]

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Get To, Not Have To

Throughout the year, we receive numerous phone calls, emails, and letters from campers expressing their life transformation while at camp. These are just too good to keep to ourselves! Check out this mom’s story and how one of our counselors helped her re-focus on serving her family. When I got married, I had a very “Norman Rockwell” idea of what my life and family were going to look like. You know, all seated around a table in a very “Southern Living”-looking home. Children in cute outfits, delicious looking food on the table, an adoring husband smiling as he prayed over […]

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Tips for Sharing the Gospel

Have you ever felt inadequate? Truly unprepared or unable to accomplish a goal or a task?  How about in elementary school when you went toe-to-toe in a spelling bee with the top speller in the class?  In middle school when you only skimmed the assigned reading material and then was asked to share your synopsis in class? How about in high school when you were selected to run the final leg in the 4×4 relay only to find out you’d be going up against the #1 rated 400m runner in the state? These were all me.  In each instance, I […]

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